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Picture of Madame

CH S*Ventator´s Alison Blaire

IC S*Ventator´s Alison Blaire aka "Madame"

Sir: S*Hot Countrys´s Kenny StarfighterDam: S*Venator´s April O´Neil

Madame is a blue spotted female that we first got to feed, and that we also took the responsabiliy to breed it´s first litter on behalf of the previous owner. We have now bought her. Madame is a lovely genuine muscular lady with a perfect placement of the ears, a perfect profile with strong and beautiful box. She also has a strong chin that really goes all the way.

Madame have had three litters. The latest litter gave three kittens and was born on 12 th july 2014. A-litter that gave us 5 lovely kittens, three girls and two guys.

Madame is now neutered!