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Thunderean´s news

  • New litters born on 28th October and 3rd November

    We are proud to announce that our J-litter and K-litter was born on 28th October and 3rd November. Totally it was 11 kittens born, 2 cinnamon spotted (one female and one male) and 9 tawny spotted (3 males and 6 females.If you are interested, please let us know!
  • New litter on 17th August

    We are proud to announce that our I-litter was born on 17th of August. It was one black boy and trhe blue girls.If you are interested, please let us know!
  • New litter on the 17th of January!

    Our girl Oikoumene had five kittens on the 17th of January. Its probably 1 male and 4 females, all tawny spotted!
    If your interested please contact us! 
  • New kittens (G-litter)

    On 8 th of July 2016 three kittens, all tawny spotted) was born, most likely it's one male and two females.

  • New kitten in our home - Oikoumene

    The show results has been updated!Our lovely male, SC SE*Hot Thundereans Claudius, have soo far had one litter and form this we kept one girl, SE*Alsmarks Oikoumene. She is a tawny spotted fantastic girl with a perfect profile! Pictures will come soon!
  • Show Results

    The show results are now updated for Willa and Claudius!
  • More pictures form the E-litter

    There is more pictures on the E-litter, now from 4 weeks old. It´s more cutie pictures than describing pictures of the quality!
  • New litter

    On the 26th of November a new litter with four kittens was born, our E-.litter!
  • Updated look of the website

    The website is updated with a new look. the menus are know on the left!
  • New pictures of D-litter

    The website is updated and there is new pictures of our D-litter!
  • Show result is updated

    Since the site was created the show result is updated in all tree languages!SE*Hot Thundereans Willy Kit is now in class 9 and have had 2 shows, both CAC and the last also a NOM... we are soo proud!
  • New website

    The website is know up and running, on CMS-tool Sitevision.We started with but realized after a couple of weeks that the potential wasn´t good enough, sowe deciede to use a better tool.Hope you will enjoy our website, it´s a shell and we will increase the material on the site further on.