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About Us (Hot Thundereans)

The persons behind Hot Thundereans are Hans and Paulo. Hans is SVERAK-diploma breeder (member of FiFe) and has G1-examina from

Our breeding is in a calm home enviroment at  in a small scale. We are based in Sweden (county Närke) and the city Kumla  200 km west of Stockholm and 300 km east of Gothenburg.

Our interest for Ocicats started in 2010. We choosed Ocicat because of it´s wild look and its fantastic mind.

All our cats are tested free form PK and PRA (or hereditary free), that includes the males we using for breeding. Because the ocicat is a small rase it´s also important with diversity and therefore are we always careful with good combinations in the breeding.

We also do imports, as a important part of increasing the diversity within the rase. To make this possible we cooperate with other breeders. We co-operating with Hot Country´sexternal link, opens in new window and Spotted Beautyexternal link, opens in new window in Switzerland.

on OCIS websiteexternal link, opens in new window you will find more info about the rase and what is good to think about if want to become a owner of a wonderful a ocicat with personality!

Yours faithfully

Hans & Paulo Boskär

+46 (0)735 007833